Swimming Records 2016 Surplus

Swim Ireland held its AGM at the National Aquatic Centre at the weekend, revealing a new brand identity and launching a new strategic plan for 2017 to 2021.

The annual accounts showed a surplus for the year of €92,588 as opposed to a deficit in 2015 of €12,274.

In total the Grant income fromSport Ireland amounted to a little over €1.5 million out of total income of €3.3 million.  Income from each of Leinster, Munster and Connacht in terms of fees rose while total expenditure fell from €3.27 million to €3.22 million in the twelve months to December 2016.

The Annual Report led with a note on governance and reported on the fact that

“We are well recognised for our leadership in sectoral governance practices and 2016 was a significant year in which we embedded a new Board structure with the introduction of Independent Directors from outside of our sport, the first time in the history of the organisation. These independent voices have brought a new dynamic to the Board contributing positively to the leadership at the very top of the organisation.”

The Olympic and Paralympic Games were hailed as the most successful in over 20 years with Ellen Keane returning with a medal from Rio and Oliver Dingley making it to the Final of his Diving event.

The promotion of the swim team as part of the overall Olympic build up was also noted with Dingley and Fiona Doyle featuring in Electric Ireland’s campaign and Doyle also participating in the RTÉ Documentary series Road to Rio.

We have not yet seen a copy of the strategic plan but will report on that in the coming weeks as it becomes more widely available.


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