Talking World Class Talent with Sexton

Johnny Sexton will be on stage in Dublin tonight as part of the first event in the Cpl World Class Talent Series.

Sport for Business will be there to hear from Sexton and other speakers on a range of issues surrounding the concept of talent.

It would likely have been a different line of questioning if Ireland had emerged from Wales last weekend with the Guinness Six Nations Championship but the setback of defeat will perhaps make for a more compelling talk in terms of how he is coping with the bump after a year of unprecedented success in 2018.

Ailish McSweeney from Peptalk, who holds the Irish record for 100 metres as well as a Masters Degree in Globalisation will also be on stage for what promises to be an entertaining and particularly interesting series of discussions.

You can read all about the best gems to emerge on Sport for Business tomorrow morning.

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