Taylor Touching Down to Heroes Welcome

Katie Taylor touches down in Dublin this morning to a heroes welcome having secured victory and a unification of the multiple Lightweight titles in Women’s Boxing in Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

It was not the clearest cut of wins in Taylor’s career but in professional boxing the verdict, once it becomes subjective, tends to go with the biggest star.

Taylor is certainly that and has lifted the sport to a level that few thought was possible until her arrival from the amateur ranks.

Delfine Persoon is a Belgian policewoman and was calling robbery as the decision was called after the fight went the distance.

Many boxing commentators felt she had a case and it is likely now that she will at least get a rematch so it can be proven without a doubt.

Staging the fight in the spiritual home of boxing was a signal of how bright Taylor’s star shines in world boxing. It was near the top of a card featuring the World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua who himself crashed to a major shock defeat.

It is likely that Taylor’s rematch, and perhaps all her future title fights will take place in the US for reasons of money, promotion and TV.

She has not yet thought fought professionally in Ireland and such a bout would surely fill the 3Arena, were that one step back to home as opposed to the place of the greatest riches be taken.

Ministers Shane Ross and Brendan Griffin will be there to meet Taylor’s flight when it touches down.

There are motions to be laid before Wicklow County Council to erect a statue of here in Bray and to paint the town’s postboxes gold in her honour.

There would be a lot more in any victory parade than stayed up on Saturday and paid their money to watch her fight but the memory of London 2012, which brought the country to a standstill, remains a moment of sporting gold that the nation shared.

It’s the kind of gold that does not weigh as much in professional boxing as the real stuff but maybe, just maybe, Taylor will assert her own desire to do something that is based more on spirit than hard currency and persuade her mentors and business managers that maybe coming home for a defence could just be the right move in terms of a legacy that would long outlast the peal of the bell at ringside.

Image Credit: Inpho.ie

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