Tennis Clubs Asked to Close

Tennis is the latest sport to shut down its facilities across the island of Ireland in light of Government advice on essential social gatherings.

Tennis clubs had been making their own decisions based on membership wishes and the counter need to provide a form of social and physical activity that could be managed with a degree of social distancing and other restrictions.

Like golf, it is a sport which has a strong appeal across generations and was acting as a positive form of activity but for the moment that has now come to a temporary end.

Tennis Ireland made the decision yesterday after the new Government requests on social distancing were revealed by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

This is the text of the statement that was issued last night:

“The Tennis Ireland policy and guidance in relation to the Covid 19 pandemic has been reviewed daily and our guidance has always been consistent with HSE and HSC NI advice.”

“The advice from these agencies, up until today, has been that it was appropriate to engage in recreational / physical activity as long as social distancing and good hygiene practices were being implemented. Tennis Ireland communicated this advice on a number of occasions to its Branches and affiliated clubs and recommended that they follow the guidelines in full.”

“Having considered the issues, including this evenings statement by the UK Government and the likelihood of additional measures by the Irish Government in the coming days, the Board of Tennis Ireland is now recommending that all Tennis activities be suspended across the island of Ireland until further notice.”

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Image credit: Tennis Ireland

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