Tesco Fund a Winner for Clubs

Tesco Community FundTesco has launched a €1 million community fund which will distribute funds to as many as 3.500 community, charity and local sports projects over the course of the next year.

Clubs can nominate themselves for inclusion in the programme which will identify three local causes every six weeks in each of the 146 Tesco stores around the country.  Individual store management and staff will pick the different causes from those nominated and the money will be distributed based on what customers in each store decide through placing tokens in their preferred donation box immediately after the check out lines.

The programme is one that has been developed by Tesco Ireland management and has been on trial over the past six weeks at a number of locations.

“We could not be certain of the volume of nominations but one of the trial stores received well over 100 requests from local good causes to be part of the programme,” Tesco Ireland Marketing Director Henry Dummer told Sport for Business yesterday.

“That shows there is a huge appetite for the money to be raised and perhaps more especially for the profile it will give to each of the projects over the course of the six week run they will get.”

“Causes will promote their own involvement and encourage existing supporters to vote for them while doing their shopping and different groups have already shown great imagination in the way they go about explaining the reasons why they should be favoured.”

“Tesco Ireland, our staff and customers have raised over €13 million for Charity partners since 2001.  Our 26 community champions have dedicated 20,000 hours in the past 12 months to making sure that our involvement at local level is delivering a real difference in communities and they will be a big part of how the Community Fund rolls out across so many different good causes.”

The individual amounts will be small enough with an average sum likely to be in the region of around €400 per cause but as the Tesco catchphrase goes, every little helps.

It is likely that sports clubs will perform well in terms of the public votes because of the larger numbers of members and families they can call on to vote.

Because the Fund will be running for a minimum of a year and each store will have eight different groups of three projects there will be plenty of opportunity for most sports clubs to get themselves valuable local publicity and to leverage existing fundraising at no cost to them.

“This is a great opportunity for our local clubs to put themselves forward and raise much needed funds at a very local level,” said Fiona Hynes, Marketing Manager for Special Olympics Ireland who was at the launch yesterday.

SfB square logoA guide on how sports clubs across the country can access this local initiative in their area will feature in a new Sports Club Hub to launch next week on Sport for Business, along with hints on how to apply and how to make the most of the opportunity if it comes.

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