TG4 Reveal Record Viewing for Ladies Final

Not only did Croke Park see the largest-ever attendance at an All-Ireland Ladies’ Final yesterday (46,286 in Croke Park), it was the largest at any women’s’ sports event in Europe this year.

The TV viewership also broke new ground as TG4 also set a record of its own. An average of 303,800 people watched the live broadcast of the Senior Final between Dublin and Mayo, the highest-ever viewing figure for a Ladies’ final on the station since it first started to broadcast the games back in 2001.

The match reached 563,000 viewers in total and took a 40% share of viewing among Individuals.

Viewing peaked at 5.24pm with 409,700 viewers as Dublin claimed their first Ladies’ Senior title in seven years.

TG4 has been both the Ladies Gaelic Championships’ sponsor and exclusive TV broadcast rights holder since 2001.

Previous 5 Highest-Rating Ladies’ Football Finals

2016  Cork v Dublin  234.7
2013  Cork v Monaghan  234.6
2004  Galway v Dublin  208.1
2005  Cork v Galway  207.5
2007  Cork v Mayo  204.2

“Our unique partnership with LGFA, as competition sponsor and TV broadcast rights holder, and yesterday’s record viewing bear out the truth of the proverb “Ní neart go cur le chéile” and the undoubted potential for further growth,” said TG4 CEO Alan Esslemont.

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 Image Credits TG4

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