TG4 Underdogs Prove to Still Have Bite

TG4’s Underdogs Series came to an end on Friday night with live coverage of the TV team going toe to toe with a Dublin XV.

There is a final wrap up show this week so we won’t spoil the outcome of the game for those who may be following the series but missed the game.

It was a welcome return to screens for the format which had been last seen a decade ago but which has stood the test of time well.

Kieran Donaghy and Pearse O’Neill from Kerry and Cork respectively went on to win All Irelands after being ‘found’ in the series and who knows who might emerge on county radars after the high profile series.

O’Neills produce a range of Black and Gold gear to accompany the show and this year’s selectors of Ray Silke, Valerie Mulcahy and especially Paul Galvin will surely have done enough in terms of entertainment and emotion to secure another series at least.

There was a boost this year from having Roscommon’s Eamon O’Donoghue, an Irish Times sports journalist and one of our Sport for Business 30 Under 30 young leaders on the panel and there was sponsorship as well this year from Supermacs.

“We were delighted to get the opportunity to be involved with this show as Supermac’s is synonymous with the GAA having sponsored teams throughout the country for the last 40 years,” said Managing Director Pat McDonogh.

“Our 28-year relationship with Galway GAA is one of the longest inter-county relationships in the GAA. Becoming an inter-county player is a privilege only a few individuals get to achieve and there are many great players that never quite make it to that level. The great thing about Underdogs is that it gives those players a 2nd chance and what better way to prove themselves that to pit themselves against the best team in the country – The Dubs.”

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