Thank You from Sport for Business

The number of people reading and engaging with Sport for Business has soared to more than 40,000 over the course of the lockdown, and is currently running 45 per cent ahead of where we were this time twelve months ago.

The idea that engagement with an area of sport might surge when there is no sport may seem counterintuitive but the commercial world within the sector has to keep rolling and that is where our niche is.

Since late 2011 we have produced our Daily News Digest every weekday morning, bringing a mix of content that prior to our arrival would rarely have seen much by way of coverage.

The interest now in mainstream media is wider but our readership has continued to grow and evolve.

There have of course been major changes. We went from hosting 32 live events in the real world in 2019 to the prospect of only four that we were able to do before the shutters came down. They will return but in the meantime, we have switched the model to operate in a digital format and have welcomed over 1,000 to our regular webinar series over the past ten weeks.

Again these numbers are not in the league of mainstream media but our tramlines have always been tightly drawn in the specific areas of where sport crosses back over the white lines and into our business decisions, administration, Government and society.

The reaction to what we have done during the past two months has been really heartening in terms of personal notes, willingness to join us on Video interviews that have been viewed now over 2,000 times, and most importantly from a business perspective, in renewed and new membership subscriptions.

We are grateful for every one of those and Sport for business will continue to provide a spotlight on what you do as players, administrators and professionals within the business of sport and sports marketing.

The weeks and months ahead may look sparse in terms of sporting action but now is the time to think, to plan, to create new ways of working together and to stay the course.

In sport, we know that better than most. Every win is built on the lessons of defeat. Every moment in the spotlight on years of toiling in the shadows.

Thank you for being part of our journey and rest assured it is still only in the early stages.

If you are interested in what we do and would like to discuss becoming a member, please contact me Rob Hartnett on email in the first instance and let’s start our own conversation.


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