The Art of Transition

Derval O'Rourke
Making the move from a life dedicated to elite sport can be a very challenging one for many different reasons.  Brian O’Driscoll has made the well trodden journey from star on to star off the pitch but broadcast roles are in short supply and for most it is a more prosaic ‘after sport’ life that beckons.

Swimmer Barry Murphy will face the question of what next as he enjoys a lie in this morning after announcing his retirement from international competition yesterday.

He may take heart from Derval O’Rourke who was unveiled yesterday as the IRUPA representative with Munster Rugby.

She will be joining a team of individuals across each of the four provinces that help professional players in many different ways from career planning, wellbeing, networking and personal development.

O’Rourke’s experience in the media spotlight as an Olympian and European Champion will give her instant credibility and the Cork roots she has always worn proudly will go down well in the hothouse of Munster Rugby.

Bringing knowledge and learning from one sport to another serves many purposes, not least of which is the ‘fresh voice’ approach that brushes aside any previous perceptions that build up within your own sport.

When including O’Rourke in our list of the 40 most influential Women in Sport and at the time of her retirement we wrote that O’Rourke would not be lost to sport and we are pleased that she has found this first role on what may yet prove an interesting journey.

Join us next week when we catch up with IRUPA Chief Executive Omar Hassanein on his plans for the Association over the coming season and beyond.

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