The Business of Cycling – Live

We are live this morning with a strong line up of speakers for The Business of Cycling at The Dean Hotel, an event made possible through the support of Cycling Ireland and The Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle.

Paralympic Cyclist Peter Ryan will share his inspirational story of a journey from the elite of Tipperary Hurling to a new sporting ambition created by the loss of his sight.

We will also have a discussion on different aspects of the crossover points between the world of business and the world of the bike, whether through sponsorship, team building or tourism.

Tony Daly, Founder of Dream Ireland and Chairman of the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle will be joined by Gillian McDarby of Cycling Ireland and Michael Dawson, the driving force behind the original Bike to Work Scheme to explore these different avenues.

The audience we have drawn includes major brands like BMW, Skoda and eir; localk authorities, cycling and event promoters including from the MTB scene and Elite Events; local authorities, cycling clubs, business leaders with an interest in cycling and many more besides.

We will have a report on what emerges in tomorrow’s Daily Digest but for now here is an interesting infographic on the rise of bike sharing around the world, prompted by the purchase of one such scheme in the US this week by Uber.

Infographic: The Global Rise of Bike-Sharing | Statista

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