The Financial Account of Olympic Gold

Katie Taylor 19/3/2011

Katie Taylor’s company through which her team channels her earnings from outside the ring, paints an indicative picture of the reliance of Olympic athletes on the quadrennial cycle of the Games.

Retained profits have climbed to nearly €1 million in KT Sports but for those who think that makes Taylor a millionaire sports star they are mistaken.

She takes a salary to fund what remains a modest, almost spartan lifestyle and her training costs and travel to train and compete around the world also have to be met.  She receives €40,000 in International Class funding from the Irish Sports Council and the balance of the income is made up from sponsorship deals with companies like Toyota, Aramark, Lucozade, Sky Sports and Adidas; and personal appearances at events.

The cycle of profit though over recent years is perhaps the most instructive indicator.

In 2014, her profit was €303,931, a 67% increase on 2013’s €180,996.  Her Olympic Gold Medal came in 2012 which also represented a high level mark of €377,620 in profit.  Pre gold in 2011 the figure was a more modest €84,300.

Most of us build a career over 40 years, with ups and downs but an overall level of consistency.  That comfort is not available to an athlete and at 28 years of age Taylor will, together with her family and team be considering what next when she hangs up her gloves.

There may be a reach for the professional ranks in the US after a second medal tilt in Rio but while she will long remain as the most popular and respected athlete this island has produced the likelihood remains that she will have to work for a living long after the final bell.

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