The Joanne O’Riordan Podcast

Joanne O’Riordan is one of the most impressive personalities I have come across not only in the journey that Sport for Business has been over the past eight years, but way beyond that as well.

Over the summer she got in touch to ask if I would be interested in appearing as part of her Joanne O’Riordan podcast with Cork’s RedFM.

It was one of the easiest things I have had the pleasure to say yes to and the result of what we had to say together has now been released in a two part podcast that can be downloaded or listened to direct from the link below.

Listen to or Download the Joanne O’Riordan Podcast here.

O’Riordan was born with no arms and no legs as a result of Tetra-Amelia Syndrome.  She has never let it get in the way of her dream to become a sports journalist and advocate, a role she undertakes with greater energy and enthusiams that most of us could ever imagine, and with the help of her chair and her dedicated Dad and the rest of the family.

She travels the country reporting on GAA and has a weekly column in the irish Times where she has free reign to poke at whatever sporting sacred cows catch her eye.

Our discussion travels from my personal entry into the commercial world of irish sport all the way to the question of equal pay for equal play around Women’s sport, the cost of tickets to go and see Arsenal playing a European Final in Baku and pretty much every point along the way.

The questions were certainly intelligent and hopefully the answers will shed a little light on some of the corners that rarely make the back pages of our mainsteam national media.

It was a privilege to sit across the studio and to be part of what O’Riordan has created despite the hurldes that life has placed in her way.

It was also humbling to be the first male voice to appear on the podcast following in the wake of personalities like Mary O’Connor, Tracey Kennedy, Rena Buckley and Niamh McCarthy.

Hopefully you might find it of interest.

Joanne will be one of our guest speakers at the seventh Annual Sport for Business Women in Sport Conference at the Studios of RTÉ on November 13th.  Places for the conference are being snapped up quickly and it will sell out agin this year.  If you would like to be a part of it, make you of your place today.

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