The OCI Is No More

The Olympic Council of Ireland has changed its identity to become the Olympic Federation of Ireland.

The new brand identity will be seen for the first time at the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina next month to which Ireland will travel with a team of 16 athletes from 9 sports.

The identity change can be seen as another important, and very visible step in the reimagining of the old OCI after those three letters were tarnished, seemingly close to the point of beyond repair, in the scandal that engulfed the organisation and former President Pat Hickey during and after the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The new identity for Olympic Federation of Ireland falls at the halfway mark between Rio and Tokyo 2020.

“This is a good juncture for us to launch our new identity,” said OFI CEO Peter Sherrard.

“We are just under two years out from Tokyo 2020 and we are currently planning a range of initiatives with partners and sponsors to help support the athletes of Team Ireland in the build-up.”

The new logo has a retro feel to it and it the shape was designed with reference to the team kit worn by Ireland when Ronnie Delany won Gold for Ireland at the Melbourne Olympics of 1956.

It has been designed by Sport for Business Member Atomic Sport.

“Our brief was to develop an identity within the IOC guidelines, that would be worn with pride, and in keeping with the rich history of an iconic brand in Irish sport,” said Director of Atomic Sport, Patrick Murphy.

“One of the guiding principles behind the logo design was also the need to modernise the Olympic crest to make it suitable and effective on an increasing number of digital platforms.”

“We wanted to ensure that we created a logo that would sit proudly on the athletes’ team kit as a badge of honour to acknowledge their achievements and efforts.”

The Team Ireland athletes at the Youth Olympic Games will be the first to sport the new logo.

The Youth Olympic Games take place in the Buenos Aires, Argentina, from the 6 – 18 October 2018.

Read more about the Irish team here.

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