The Spark of the Community Games

The Aldi sponsored National Community Games get underway in Limerick this weekend and who knows where it’s emerging stars will end up.

An imaginative trawling of the record books after Ireland’s success in the World U20 Championship sprint relay last month generated the nugget that all four of the winning team had competed in the Community Games in their youth.

Gina Akpe Moses, Patience Jumbo Gula, Ciara Neville and Molly Scott all took part in the Games with the former two in Louth, Neville in Limerick and Scott in Carlow.

Neville returned to Limerick with her teammates yesterday to launch the Games for 2018.

Gina Akpe-Moses, one of a family of five, came to Ireland from Nigeria as a two-year-old and aged just eight and racing barefoot, she won the under 10 100m at the National Community Games Finals.
Who knows what next for the winners this weekend.

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Image Credit: Eoin Noonan, Sportsfile

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