The Study of Sponsorship

Sport for Business will be delivering a keynote lecture on sponsorship to students of the UCD Masters in Sports Administration later this morning.

This year’s course participants come from a diverse range of backgrounds and sports, united by a common aim to upskill their levels of understanding and engagement with the ever-changing commercial world of sport.

It has always been a core part of what sport for Business does within the community that we have built together, to expand knowledge and understanding and encourage the leaders of tomorrow.

Today we will look at eight trends in Sports Sponsorship touching on media, innovation, engagement, storytelling and more.

We will discuss the ever-growing importance of purpose and pick out great examples of how companies are delivering now at a level which sponsorship executives in the past could only have imagined.

It will be a pleasure to meet and chat with the 25 students on this year’s course and hopefully to guide them through some of the key areas of commercial engagement that they will be dealing with should they advance their careers in sport.


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