The Win Some, Lose Some Game of TV Sports Rights

The ever changing world of broadcast media rights was the subject of a special report in Saturday’s Irish Times by Laura Slattery.

Rob Hartnett of Sport for Business and John trainor of Onside Sponsorship were interviewed for the piece which covered the different kinds of partnerships that are now forming between sporting organisations and broadcasters.

It went all the way up to a look to the future and the prospect of where the next wave of change was likely to come from

“There’s no time for anyone in this game to relax. The next wave of competition may yet come from sporting organisations that fancy selling direct-to-consumer, predicts Hartnett. The GAA, which since 2014 has streamed outside Ireland through its GAAGO venture with RTÉ, has been “ahead of the game” on this score, he adds.”

“And in a media market where the real “untapped value” lies in controlling your audience data, the more confident sporting bodies may be tempted to run both broadcasters and streamers completely off the field.”

You can read the article in full right here.



Image credit: Morgan Treacy,

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