This Girl Can for 2017

The 2017 edition of the successful ‘This Girl Can’ campaign is expanding its reach to target ‘teens, mums and their grandmothers’.

The campaign is bering run by Sport England, the state agency charged with increasing participation, and is being funded by the UK national Lottery.

Posters and online ads are already appearing and there will be a TV campaign going live at the end of the month.

It will also include a repeat of the personalisation element from 2015 where women can upload a picture of themselves exercising and insert that into one of the ad templates.  A selection of these will be shown around local shopping centres.

The activity follows on from the hugely successful first iteration of the campaign, which launched in early 2015 and persuaded 1.6 million women to start exercising, and 2.8 million who are aware of the campaign to become more active as a result, according to independent research released by Sport England.

“It’s easy to surprise and delight people when you’ve got no expectations,” said Campaign Manager Kate Dale speaking this week to the UK’s Marketing Week Magazine.

“This time around, however, we are allowed to be a bit bolder, by showing the lines and cellulite in a stronger way than we would have felt able to do last time.”

“14 to 60 is one hell of a demographic. Last time, we wanted to target teenagers and their mums, now it’s relevant to their mum and their grandmother.”

“Older women said they had strong connections to the campaign beforehand, but they spoke about the fear of being a beginner.”

“At 46, you’re maybe a little bit less inclined to start something new, so that’s what we’re directly tackling. We want to normalise the beginner and highlight that exercise is not just about the physical benefits but also about personal development.”

A Sport for Business Leadership Group for Women in Sport will meet next week to look at practical ways of moving sport and physical activity for girls and women to a new level.

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