Ticketing Arrangements Laid Out for Tokyo Athletes

The Olympic Federation of Ireland continued to show its mettle in terms of information and transparency yesterday when hosting the latest of its ‘Tokyo Ready’ Roadshows, this time for media.

“We are now just eight months out from Tokyo and we want to make sure that we are bringing you regular information throughout this final stretch of preparation,” said Olympic federation of Ireland President Sarah Keane who will be speaking at next week’s Sport for Business Women in Sport Conference at the studios of RTÉ.

“The Irish sports who will be represented at the 2020 Olympic Games are now being integrated into a single Team Ireland under the Olympic umbrella.”

“This requires a shift in emphasis, an increased focus on sharing information and, as a system, on being sharper, more responsive and better prepared than the competition.”

There was an update on ticketing and where the allocation of tickets that Ireland will get will be going.

Seventy per cent of the tickets that are made available to the public is going to the host nation and its citizens and every wave of tickets that have been put on sale have sold out within minutes.

The remaining thirty per cent is divided up between the 206 competing nations to look after athletes, friends and family, officials, supporters and sponsors.

“We have been working very closely with Elamys Group, our ticketing partners, to ensure that the needs of athletes families are prioritised ahead of July 2020,” said Olympic Federation CEO Peter Sherrard.

“Huge public demand coupled with a limited supply of tickets for each market from the Tokyo Games Organising Committee makes this a real challenge but there is a strong focus on this area from Elamys to prioritise allocations to athletes families and to minimise disappointment.

Each athlete is guaranteed the right to two tickets per round of competition, except in swimming where a smaller public attendance means the guarantee is only for one ticket per athlete per round.

In total so far Ireland was granted an initial allocation of 1,315 tickets, which sold out quickly though that has been added to by an extra 1,044 that have been secured for the Boxing events, and which will go on sale in the coming weeks.

The qualification of the Women’s Hockey Team, in dramatic fashion, on Sunday night, means that there will be another 80 tickets per game coming towards Ireland fans and that could increase with an advance in the tournament with a ‘Follow My Team’ system in place.

That will still need to be primarily for family and friends of the players on the squad and Elamys Group are currently in discussion with the Organising Committee in Tokyo and with the relevant National Governing Bodies here to ensure the best possible outcome.

The Olympic Federation itself has another 965 tickets which will be for athletes, officials and sponsors.

Sherrard suggested that the number of tickets from this allocation going to Team Ireland commercial supporters would be around 30.

So far the Board of the Olympic Federation have only approved that two members will travel, Sarah Keane and Honorary General secretary Sarah O’Shea and there is a real awareness of the perception of putting athletes families needs first.

The process for athletes getting those tickets is complex but work is underway to try and make it easier. At present, once an athlete has been confirmed as competing at the games and given their official number this will be the key to submitting an application. The athletes will need to make payment for the tickets and then be reimbursed by the Olympic Federation of Ireland.

It is expected that announcements will be made shortly about two new partners coming on board thought to be a kit and an airline sponsor.

Image Credit: Gary Carr, Inpho.ie

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