Tiger Rolling Back the Years

Tiger Woods victory at the 83rd US Masters in Augusta will surely go down in history as among the greatest ever stories of Sporting redemption.

It is a remarkable 22 years since he won the first of his now five Green Jackets and eleven years since he won the last of his Major titles.

In that time he has been through physical and mental challenges the collective weight of which would have crushed the vast majority.

He will have banked more than almost any sporting star in history and yet still, despite the ridicule over his personal life and the pain of four back surgeries he still had the hunger to come back.

And even while he was away he remained the golfer that the wider sporting public was drawn to.

Throughout his comeback when he was playing well he was the golfer that everyone wanted to see. When he was playing badly he was also still the golfer that everyone wanted to see.

Tiger was always an astonishingly talented golfer but it was his appeal almost as a brand that elevated his status beyond any other.

From his name to his work with Nike, the club covers to the red shirt on the final day of a major. Tiger was always a class apart in the sport and his return to the pinnacle will have a ripple effect throughout.

Ireland will benefit particularly this summer with the staging of the Open Championship at Royal Portrush.

He would always have been a draw, alongside Rory McIlroy, of the biggest galleries, now that he will be back as a major contender, and who knows the only potential winner of a season Grand Slam that level of interest has soared to another level.

The $2 Million prize money from last night will be small beer in the $1.5 Billion which Forbes estimates the Tiger has earned from Gold over the course of his career but the money it will unlock from those brands like Rolex and Nike that stuck with him, and the many more that would love to be involved again now in this latest act of his career will be immense.

And who knows, what if Tiger decided that he’d like to warm up for the Open by getting in a tournament over a links course in the weeks leading up to it.

Lahinch and the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open might never have seen the likes of it before.


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