Tough Weekend for Cricket Ireland

It was a tough weekend for Cricket Ireland with financial challenges from cash flow phasing ‘outed’ in the Sunday Independent and news of the need for a €100,000 short term loan from CEO Warren Deutrom being conflated with the stories from the FAI.

The sport came through though with a clean bill of health on the way in which the difficulties were handled and ultimately resolved.

Anybody involved with the running of a business at any level will understand the occasional blips that arise in terms of cash flow, when an expected payment does not materialise at the expected time and how the art of scrambling can sometimes be needed to get through.

In Cricket Ireland’s scenario, there was a wait for payment from the broadcasting rights of matches to a global audience and uncertainty over the timing of payments coming from the International Cricket Council.

These led to a situation towards the end of last year where senior management delayed payment of their salaries and CEO Warren Deutrom leant €100,000, with the forward approval of Sport Ireland so that other salaries through the organisation could be paid on time.

The amount meant that obvious parallels could be drawn with FAI CEO John Delaney having leant an exact same amount for the same reasons a little over a year beforehand though that was done without notice being given to Sport Ireland.

While the FAI is now subject to a number of internal and external investigations of wider financial management, Cricket Ireland has come through OK with all the required back up to the loan and the circumstances that gave rise to it to be included in the financial results when they are published for 2018.

In Governance terms, Cricket Ireland was also better positioned than the FAI with CEO Warren Deutrom not being on the Board.

The problems came about at the end of what had been a strong year with the first full test match for the Men’s senior team taking place at Malahide against Pakistan in the summer and the new High Performance Centre opening up at the Sport Ireland National Sports Campus.

Cricket Ireland was voted as the National Governing Body of the Year at the Federation of Irish Sport Awards last week.

At least now that the story is out it will prevent inevitable rumours swirling around given the similar circumstances and amount of the loan to that which is central to investigations at the FAI.

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