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The Oireachtas Committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport will meet in two sessions today to discuss the findings and recommendations of the report by Justice Carroll Moran into the distribution of tickets for the Rio Olympic Games.

Sport for Business will be there to report from the first session this morning with Shane Ross TD, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport and Brendan Griffin TD, Minister of State for Tourism and Sport.

We will then gather again in the afternoon for a second session featuring Sarah Keane, President of the Olympic Council of Ireland, John Treacy, Chief Executive Officer of Sport Ireland and Kieran Mulvey, Chairman of Sport Ireland.

The focus on future events will look at the supposed watertight contract between THG and the OCI around Olympic events through to 2026.  One question we would like asked is how relevant this might be given that the contract will be to be an Authorised Ticket Reseller.

One question we would like asked is how relevant this might be given that the contract will be to operate as an Authorised Ticket Reseller.  The definition of that is that they have to be ‘authorised’ by Local Organising Committees of the games and the only one that has yet made a call on that is Pyeongchang for next years’ Winter Games where the right to operate has been withdrawn.

Surely the ability to operate in the manner outlined with all the associated rights is one of the requirements on THG’s part to make the contract valid.

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“This will be our first opportunity to examine the report in depth with a number of key players,” said Committee Chairman Fergus O’Dowd.

“The report which examined policies, procedures, processes and practices adopted by the Olympic Council of Ireland around ticketing for the Olympic Games has highlighted a number of issues which will be of concern to the committee, in particular governance and accountability at the OCI over many years.”

“Accreditation for athletes and coaches and the provision of tickets to Irish athletes, their families and friends by the firm looking after Ireland’s ticket allocation was also inadequate and ineffective and this will be an issue that the Committee will be keen to examine.”

“The lack of cooperation by a number of key participants in the inquiry was very disappointing. It is also regrettable that former OCI president Pat Hickey has declined an invitation to appear before the Committee, particularly as clarity is needed on a number of issues raised in the report. The Committee will discuss Mr Hickey’s response ahead of its meeting.”

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