Tumbles at the Indoors

It was not part of the script at the Irish Life Health National Indoor Athletics Championships but the exit of Thomas Barr from the 400 Metre Final after a bit if pushing and shoving for position was captured brilliantly by Bryan Keane of Inpho Photography.

Barr himself was phlegmatic about the incident saying on Twitter last night “Not how I’d anticipated it would go today, but that’s the excitement of 400m indoor running.  When a stiff breeze could knock me it serves as a good lesson to stay out of trouble at the break come Glasgow in two weeks! Body is 100%. Today is parked. Onwards.”

He followed up with a post of an Ice Hockey goalkeeper kit saying he was in talks with New Balance about a new race kit.

A sense of humour is always important to maintain and allied with a nice nod to sponsors shows why Barr is one of the smartest operators in the space of personal endorsement at the moment.

Image Credit: Bryan Keane, Inpho.ie

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