TV Viewers Drawn in by Liverpool and Ireland

Liverpool’s stunning victory over Barcelona last week drew a peak viewing audience of 680,300, a number that would have placed it comfortably among the Top 20 sporting programmes of last year.

The average number that watched throughout Tuesday’s drama was 488,900 delivering a share of viewership of 35 per cent.

The second semi-final had even more drama but with Virgin Sport placing it behind a paywall the numbers are not available to compare.

For the final, promising to be one of the biggest games in English football history, we have the benefit of Virgin Media putting it on the main free to air channel and delivering a sure-fire ratings winner on Saturday, June 1st.

The same will not be so true though for fans in England where the game will be shown on BT Sport, available free to BT Broadband customers, but a paid channel for all others.

It is likely that it will be shown on YouTube as well, as it has been for the past three years after pressure from sponsors to widen the base of those who can watch for free.

Sport for Business was also given access to the numbers that were watching Ireland’s progress through the UEFA U17 Championships last week.

The opening game had an average viewership of 91,100 and a share of those watching TV at the time on Friday, May 3rd of nine per cent.

The figures for the matches against the Czech Republic and Belgium came in a little lower at 79,400 and 82,100 but still compared favourably to figures from the SSE Airtricity Premier League which draws an average of around 70,000 for it’s bigger games on the state broadcaster.


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