Upskill Yourself on Streaming

As we see on a daily basis the ability to communicate with fans, members and all audiences through social media and live streaming is transforming the way that sport connects.

It seems that everybody is able to do it but the ones that will get the best return are the ones that are doing it right.

Sport for Business has partnered with Irish company Tyrell for a special free event at Croke Park next Thursday 14th November where you can learn more about the advances in technology that could put you on-screen with a real impact on how your events are seen by a wider audience.

Liberty Insurance, Littlewoods, AIB and many more of our Sport for Business members see the real return as sponsors in enabling greater visibility. It is, without a doubt, an area that has massive potential for growth.

Tyrell’s Take on Tour – The Top Players in Sports Production will take place at Croke Park between 12 noon and 7 pm next Thursday 14th November. It will give you an opportunity to see the latest technology and explore how that can be made to make sense for events of all shapes and sizes.

You might not yet be ready to take the plunge or you might feel it is something you should be doing already. This will give you an opportunity to upskill yourself on what the future looks like.

The beauty of it is that it is a free event to attend. All you need to do is register here and pop along at some stage during the afternoon. We’ll be there taking a look, we hope to see you there as well, either as a sponsor, an agency or a sport that could be coming to a smartphone in our pockets sooner and easier than you imagine.

Register for the event right here.

Get your organisation more visibility with our influential audience of sporting, business and Government leaders in 2020 with a Sport for Business membership, just like Tyrell



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