VHI Updates Running Tech

Vhi, sponsor of the Women’s Mini Marathon and Parkrun in Ireland has announced details of a new technology aid to help people prepare for upcoming running events.

Vee is an automated intelligent ‘chatbot’ which will run on Facebook Messenger and provide runners with helpful and timely hints, tips, hacks, tricks and training advice. Vhi is the first healthcare brand in Ireland to introduce this new technology to its customers.

It can provide top tips to new runners on getting started, along with training reminders and motivational messages to regular runners.

Vee is also on hand to answer questions about nutrition or running-related information, such as stretching, pacing, warming up and cooling down.

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The idea that a machine could be as good in this regard as a personal trainer will be anathema to some but the advances in machine learning which have taken place across major organisations scoring highly on customer service are astonishing.

In many cases where we think we have been conversing via chat software with a real person in fact that has been merely a trick of our perception.

Vee has been specifically designed to support Vhi partner events such as; the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon and parkrun presented by Vhi. The chatbot can advise on nearby parkruns, and users can programme Vee to send regular reminders via Facebook Messenger to support their training for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon.

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“We are very proud to officially launch Vee today,” said Maeve O’Gorman, Digital Strategy Lead at Vhi Healthcare.

“As Ireland’s leading health insurer Vhi actively supports people in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle by partnering with events such as the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon and parkrun in partnership with Vhi.”

“Vee is another way for the brand to support people on their running journey. We know that our customers are looking for personalised and relevant information to support their health and fitness goals, and by presenting it to them in the form of Vee we are helping them to take steps towards feeling healthier, happier and better every single day”.

Publicis Dublin, Vhi’s Creative Communications Agency, worked with Vhi on developing this technology. Speaking about the work, Ed Melvin, Digital Strategy Director at Publicis Dublin said, “Vhi has always been at the forefront of innovation in healthcare in Ireland. An example being the setup of Vhi Nurseline 24/7 in 1999 and the opening of Vhi Swiftcare clinics in 2005. Here in Publicis, we were delighted to design and develop Vee, working with the Vhi team. Vhi’s commitment to innovation and providing their customer with the best possible support makes them one of the most exciting clients to work with.”

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