Weekly Poll: Your Views on Irish Rugby

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”  We do not know if Winston Churchill was a rugby fan but his words may be relevant when it comes to reaction to Ireland’s performance in the Guinness Six Nations.

Alan Quinlan had a cut yesterday at those who seemed to wallow in Ireland’s fall from grace while others have painted a dire picture of being overtaken by so many when it really counts.

In this week’s poll of you, our Sport for Business members and readers we asked three simple questions to determine your more balanced assessment of Ireland’s team and player prospects post Six Nations and on the road to the Rugby World Cup.

We asked which of three statements best summed up your view of the team’s performance and what it means in the medium term.

Depending on your nature as an optimist or a pessimist you can take a different meaning from the over 100 responses we got yesterday.

The ‘realistic middle’ of recognising that there was work to be done came through as the strongest reaction with 48.4 per cent of the responses.

Those with a more negative view edged out the positives with 29 per cent referencing it was a shame the World Cup wasn’t held last year versus 22.6 per cent who felt it would be OK and we should ‘trust in Joe’ to get it right in time.

Our second question was to measure the level of confidence you had in us winning the World Cup.  There were slighly more who gave a 100 score in this than gave a 0 score but again the final figure showed an even split in terms of ongoing confidence.

And finally, with our upcoming Members Round Table on Brand Ambassadors in mind, we asked for views on where the marketability of the players themselves as a collective group, rather than as individuals, was now compared to in the high days post the win over the All Blacks in November.

For this we gave a scale of 0-150 with 100 being the same level and you told us that the immediate impact was a 21 per cent drop in the marketability.

Such short term pop results are never more than a snapshot but is does provide food for thought in terms of short term vs long term appeal.




Where we feel there is a question of interest, we will pose it to our members, generally on a Tuesday morning with answers the following day.  Get in touch with us if you feel there is something you feel would be of interest to discover.


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