WGPA Research Highlights Player Concerns

The Women’s Gaelic Players association has released data from a survey of almost 1,000 players which shows that a third are concerned about whether they would play in 2020 over concerns of the health of relatives.

On Friday, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association released a structure of how the TG4 All ireland Championships could be played over a run of seven weeks but without a start date as yet.

65 per cent of the surveyed players were concerned about the potential of an overlap in the schedules being considered for club and county commitments.

93 per cent of the players were aware that inter county training was prohibited until at least September 14th, though two thirds said they would be willing to train with their county teams in advance of that date.

The concerns are not only in the health arena as 63 per cent felt a revised county season running across September to December would negatively impact their commitments to work and study.

There has to be an acceptance on all sides that this is an extraordinary year. Playing a season in shortened form at an unusual time is not something that anyone would have wanted.

Letting the year go though would risk losing the momentum that has been created around Ladies Football and Camogie over recent years and while the ask of current players may be high, the responsibility for the sports to look beyond the short term and keep future players engaged looks likely to win out, based on health matters continuing to be held under control.

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