What exactly is ‘Free to Air’

Sky Sports GAAThe next media rights package for the All Ireland Championships are currently exercising minds at Croke Park and in broadcasters offices with a decision on the next three years likely within the next three months.

Inevitably given the choice to go with Sky TV from 2014, there are still rumblings of discontent over the taking of the games away from ‘free to air’.

How that is defined in an era where TV licenses are obligatory at a cost of €160, twitter are broadcasting live NFL matches on mobile phones and eir are giving away content ‘free’ once you subscribe to their broadband services.

Rob Hartnett from Sport for Business and Galway County Councillor Sean Cunniffe debated the issue last night on the Last Word with Matt Cooper on Today FM.

You can listen back to the arguments below from 34’30”

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