What is the Fittest Sport?

Posing a question like that is bound to bring in the competitive spirit in most of us that would champions one sport over another.

When Pledge Sports did just that they received a barrage of commentary, suggestion and advice to look elsewhere for the real answer.

They looked at different sources around the sporting world and narrowed the final shortlist to seven sports, soccer, rugby, triathlon, cross county skiing, tennis, boxing and hockey.

The intention was not merely to be mischievous but also to create content that would drive traffic towards and interest in their crowd funding platform.

It worked with traffic climbing steadily throughout the series.  The key to it was that there was serious work went into each piece.

“We didn’t want to trick people with a fancy headline and then disappoint them,” said Pledge Sports CEO Richard Pearson.

“There was valid research from big media houses like CBS, analysis from strength and conditioning experts like Matt Middleton and commentary from players themselves including Gordon Darcy who naturally mounted a strong case for Rugby players.”

The series drew in sponsorship from Mongoose, a sports, fitness and entertainment marketing agency.

It also drew eyeballs to the various campaigns running on the Pledge Sports site raising money for projects that are rooted in the ambition of individuals to do something in sport that really matters to them but who are reliant on funding from non traditional sources.

They include rugby teams, skeleton racers, long distance runners and many more.  Each is telling their story but key to that is having somebody listen.

Pledge Sports went down the route of creating content that would be well researched, relevant and engaging in order to build that audience.

And as to which sport proved to be the ultimate winner, well you’ll have to go to the Pledge Sports Blog to find that out…

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