What One Word Sums Up Sport?

Isn’t it often the simplest of questions that elicit the most enlightening answers.  Elverys Intersport are currently running a summer campaign using the theme of sport uniting us.

The imagery is strong, using the familiar sense of passing a ball or reaching out across different sports.  It’s all about sport in its widest sense but then they went one step further to ask a range of sporting stars from across the many teams and codes with whom they have a relationship to define what it is that unites us in sport.

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The answers speak volumes for the importance of sport and also for the variety of emotions it brings out.

What would your answer be to the question of what one word unites people in sport? And thinking about it what does that one word say about your relationship to sport?

Take a look at what these stars of Irish sport had to say.  It has certainly made us think.




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