What We Can Do Together

These are strange days but collectively we have a real power to get through the most challenging of situations.

Sport for Business works with a host of organisations for whom resilience and creativity are our stock in trade.

Combining the two and shining a light on the areas where doing so can bring us back to where we were, only different and maybe a little better, is what we will be doing over the coming weeks.

Our commitment to you as members and readers is to maintain a sense of positivity but also to report on reality.  Together we can be stronger and it is our job to help keep us together even though the opportunity to do so in person will be limited.

Daily News Digest

The Daily Sport for Business News Digest will continue to be published every morning bringing you the latest on how the situation is developing with regard to what is happening at the highest levels and in greater depth and perhaps a more informed view than you will find elsewhere.

Looking Back

With activity slowing down for all the right reasons we will delve back into our archive of the past eight years to bring you stories that are worth retelling and that can enav]ble us to use the slower pace of the next period to remember some of the successes of the past that we might have previously sped by.

Keeping Together

The response to our call for interest across an initial ten Special Interest Groups has been immense.

Six of them are oversubscribed three-fold from what we had initially expected, and all that in the first 24 hours since we put them to you.

Over the next week, we will be in touch and we will try to work out what the optimum mix of your smart minds and special talents will be to guide us not only in these few weeks and months but in the longer term as well.

If you have yet to put your hand up but would like to you can submit what your interests are below.

Sport for Business Podcast

We have now confirmed three of our four partners for the first run of the Sport for Business Podcast.

We will have more time now to plan out the detail of what we will deliver and have set ourselves a target to get this out in the first week of April.  It is one of the most exciting developments we have been part of in a while and are very much looking forward to bringing it to you in the longer term.

Sport for Business Events 

It is right that we have had to hit pause on the gatherings we had planned for the coming weeks on the Football Breakfast, the Racing Experience and the Sports Club Roadshows.

We will return to each though once normality returns and we will also continue to plan for the kind of events that will help us get back to normal once the current crisis has passed.

Sport for Business 30 Under 30 with PwC

The nominations for this year’s list have been flooding in and we will start publication on Monday morning, March 23rd.  For the past two years, we have highlighted an exceptional range of talent working in and around the business of sport.

2020 will keep the standard at an incredibly high level and we will be reaching out to those that have ‘graduated’ through the list in the coming weeks to share their views on where sport is in the current climate.


Sport for Business is a community of clever people who can and do produce really good work.

If you have any views or thoughts on what we as a digital entity can do to keep the collective mood up over the coming weeks let us know.  We are at your disposal.

Put your hand up for our Special interest Groups

From media and innovation to women in Sport and Sport for Social Good, we are creating groups from among the membership to guide the way in which we can all as a community make a real difference.

“Sport for Business brings a unique mix of those in the sporting world and those from the commercial sphere,” said Rob Hartnett.

“Bringing the two sides together generates fresh thinking from the meeting of smart minds and different perspectives.”

“Each of the groups will come together over the coming months, either in a physical or a virtual manner and will play a key part in harnessing the power of the collective group that is our membership.”

“We have already had a response that would be strong enough to fill five of the groups and the interest has come from national and international sporting bodies, major sponsors, media representatives, agencies and key players in wider society.”

“As we face a period of time where social distancing will become the norm we are keen to ensure that the connections which help us all to keep the show on the road are maintained.”

If you are a Sport for Business member you can register your interest to take part in one of our Special interest groups below.

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