Where Does Sport Stand in Covid Plan?

The Government has outlined its plans for ‘Living with Covid’ and sport now has a clearer perspective on where it sits should the number of infection dip or rise around the country as we head into Autumn or winter.

At Level 2 where we are at the moment, training and games can continue as they have been in recent weeks, in pods of 15 outdoors and pods of 6 inside.

Matches can continue and 200 spectators can now watch games outside of Dublin with half that number in the capital, but only in venues where there is a capacity of 5,000.

The number drops to 100 where there is no ‘venue’ as such, and that is the same in Dublin.

County finals at senior level will qualify while many games played in public parks will continue to provide an opportunity for those in the vicinity to watch, should they wish to do so.

At level three or four, matches will be stopped but not necessarily at the elite end or in senior club competitions.

The restrictions on training become stricter, returning to non-contact as well, with nothing more than individual training allowed should we hit level five.

For the most part sport, including those providing gym access, swimming pools and clubs will be OK with the fact that they can remain open in the current phase and also have leeway to do the same, even if just for individual training, even if we move to level three which seems to be a distinct possibility for Dublin at the moment.

There will still be a level of uncertainty and discretion needing to be applied by individual sporting bodies in certain cases, which is not ideal given the desire for absolute clarity within this plan but it will undoubtedly tighten up sector by sector over the coming days as representations are made and answers are given.

At least sport is part of the plan and recognition has been given to its overall importance in terms of physical and mental wellbeing, and morale.



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