Who Will Take on Leadership of the FAI?

Donal Conway announced prior to Friday’s unveiling of the controversial accounts for 2018, 2017 and 2016 that he would be stepping down as president of the FAI in January and that an EGM would be held to elect his successor.

The FAI statement making the announcement stated that “In accordance with FAI Rules, where a casual vacancy arises, the Board shall seek nominations for the vacant position, on such terms and subject to such conditions as it may consider appropriate and shall call an EGM within 30 days of the vacancy occurring to elect a replacement officer for the balance of the term of office remaining.”

“The Association shall seek nominations after the 29th December for the position of President of the FAI.”

It further goes on to outline who qualifies to be elected and that will give little comfort to critics of the Association who are demanding full new leadership.

“Any person who is a serving member of Council and who has been a member of Council for two years, which service need not have been consecutive, shall be eligible to be elected as President of the FAI.”

That is in the constitution of the FAI and so binds the Presidency to someone who has been a member of the Council for at least two years.

Paul Cooke is an obvious candidate as the current Vice President. He is currently acting in the role of Executive Lead and has not ruled out the prospect of going forward as full-time CEO.

This week is expected to see progress made on the appointment of an independent Chair and three other independent directors.

Meetings between the nominations committee and the agency Amrop who has been charged with recruiting for the four positions took place at the end of last week and are anticipated to result in individuals being named in the roles perhaps as early as the end of this week.

They will be key appointments in the processing of restoring the faith of Sport Ireland, Government and the wider base of stakeholders and interested parties.

If an indication of the likely candidates was available for Wednesday’s proposed gathering in front of the Oireachtas Committee for Transport, tourism and sport, that would be another small win of sorts.

In a febrile environment which is changing on a daily basis those small wins need to be taken when the opportunity arises. Nobody outside of Amrop and the individuals concerned are aware of their identity at the moment. It needs a degree of courage for them to put themselves in the spotlight and their reputations on the line in trying to move this to the next stage.

Watch this space…

Image credit: Oisin Keniry, Inpho.ie

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