Win a Chance to See The Great Debate Live

We have a winner.  Congratulations to Niamh Holohan from Aura Leisure who has won two tickets to join us for the Great debate.

The answers which you provided to our short survey as part of the entry process suggest that Ewan McKenna will have a tough turn on his side of the rugby players as Celebrity Losers question with 96 per cent of respondents saying they were not.

Things will be a little tighter ion the question of Dublin GAA being overfunded with a split right down the middle on this one…

We look forward to seeing you on the 28th…


They make us angry, they make us laugh and sometimes even make us cry, though often in frustration rather than emotion. Now Sports Joe is bringing some of the most controversial commentators on our sporting life to a Live event in Dublin’s Mansion House.

The Great debate Live will take place on Thursday night, November 28th in the setting of the Round Room.

The venue was home to the first parliament of our fledgeling state back in 2018 and now it will ring to the arguments on one side and the other over two of the pressing matters of our modern era.

Joe Brolly will go toe to toe with Colm Parkinson over whether Dublin GAA has an unfair advantage.

They will be followed into the cage, sorry, onto the stage, by Ewan MacKenna and Eddie O’Sullivan trading waspish comments about whether the Irish Rugby team are celebrity losers, or not.

O’Sullivan has been warming up by sparring with Jamie Heaslip on RTÉ during the Rugby World Cup while Joe Brolly has not but he hasn’t gone away and all four are regulars still in the online airwaves and via podcast.

If you had the uncomfortable pleasure to be at the Off The Ball Live show with Roy Keane and Phil Neville ripping apart anyone who stepped in their way, then you will understand the draw of live debate with fiery characters.

These two contests are ones that David Gough or Nigel Owens would shy away from but we are giving you and a guest the chance to be there ‘ringside’ as the sparks fly.

The team at Sports Joe has kindly given us two tickets and all you have to do is answer one simple question below. If you want to add your thoughts on the subjects to hand that’s great but if you’d rather leave that to the combatants on the night that’s fine too.

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Image credits, Sports Joe

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