Women in Sport 2017- Katie Taylor

Sport for Business, in partnership with Liberty Insurance, is publishing our third annual list of the 50 Most Influential Women in Irish Sport.

This is not about Women’s sport, it is about the influence that women are wielding across all sport.  We will identify leaders on and off the field of play.  They will include those who are role models in terms of their abilities on and off the field of play.  They will come from teams and individual sports, from sponsorship partners, from the media, from the administrative corridors of power and from places where influence may be subtle but no less powerful.

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor has been an iconic figure in Irish sport since well before she ‘sealed the deal’ with a Gold medal at the London Olympic Games.

She conquered one of the toughest sports we play and did so on behalf of herself, as an ambassador for Women’s right to play whatever sport they want and as a role model for young women.

She played soccer at international level as well and when she lost in Rio it was treated as a national disaster.

When she became World Champion in Cardiff this month the news spread like wildfire with every news app in the country firing off messages of what she had done.

In a recent survey of Irish sports fans, she emerged as still the most popular sports star we have, even against the surge of support for Conor McGregor.

She has always been unassuming, modest, a young woman with an unfashionable adherence to her faith and no fear of expressing that.

A first time for Women’s boxing to headline a Sky Sports broadcast in December will see her take further prominence on a global stage and if she does look to defend her World Title in Dublin in 2018 there will be few bigger events on home soil during the year.



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