Women’s Hockey Vs Men’s Rugby

We wrote yesterday about the tricky question of who would emerge in the public vote at the RTÉ Sports Awards this Saturday in the Team of the Year category.

It looks on paper like a head to head between the Irish Men’s Rugby team who had such a stellar season, and the Irish Women’s Hockey Team who made it, against all odds, to the World Cup Final held in London in the summer.

With recency bias in their favour from the win over the All Blacks in their favour, and with the warmth attached to Joe Schmidt who last year beat off Graham Shaw for the Phillips Manager of the Year, we imagine that the sheer weight of numbers who engaged with Rugby’s triumphs on TV would swing it.

But as an experiment we also decided to test the water yesterday with a little twitter pool amongst our near 9,000 followers.

While these things are notoriously fickle and can be skewed by a single retweet to a community so too can telephone voting pools as will be the deciding factor in Saturday’s vote.

What emerged was a strong 57% majority in favour of the Women. The rugby garnered 31% of the vote with 12% feeling the award should go to one of the other teams.

The margin for error is massive given that it was only determined by 100 votes but still, it adds a little spice to what looked yesterday would be a real David and Goliath, or David and Gillian perhaps…


Image Credit: Morgan Treacy, Inpho.ie

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