Working in the Fitness Sector

Fitness is big business.  A Deloitte Report published last year revealed that 60 million European citizens are members of the 60,000 clubs that have been established to cater to the needs of nations looking to get fit and stay fit.

The total value of the sector across Europe is estimated to be worth around €26 billion and grew by four per cent in the last year.

That’s a healthy outlook for an industry looking to keep us healthy.

As with any sector experiencing such growth, there is a constant need to bring in well qualified professional staff.

Across the country, there are a large number of courses aimed at producing qualified personal fitness personnel across a range of disciplines from strength and conditioning to yoga and pilates.

The Education and Training Board colleges of education provide a number of these giving an opportunity to those looking at a career switch or who might not have done well enough in formal education to get into another third level institution.

The qualifications they generate are well regarded and their student output is helping to fuel the growth in the fitness sector.

Sport for Business Member Aura Leisure has now developed a new training course for those wishing to work in its own network of leisure centres around the country.

It operates 14 clubs nationwide including Aura Leisure, Anytime Fitness and DKIT Sport.

The new course, starting in September, is targetted towards the digital natives who may be time poor and provides 80 per cent of the training online.

The other 20 per cent is made up of weekend workshops to educate students on the practical aspects of becoming a fitness professional.

“Most fitness institutions in Ireland require students to heavily commit to time, travel and classroom learning, which can end up costing much more than what they initially pay for the course,” said Niamh Holohan of Aura Leisure.

“The new Aura Fitness Academy courses are made up of a majority online learning which can be done in the comfort of your own home. This will save students valuable time and money.”

“Aura Fitness Academy will educate its students with real and relevant fitness knowledge and education. The course content is up to date with the ever-evolving industry and the latest developments and research in fitness and is delivered by tutors who have 12 years’ plus experience of working successfully in the industry.”

The course delivers internationally recognised qualifications covering the three main fitness industry certifications required to work in the sector here.

The Group is the only Health and Fitness company to be in the Top 30 ‘Best Workplaces in Ireland’ in the ‘Great Place to Work Awards’, coming in at number 17 for 2019. The Group has won prestigious awards including 02 Ability Awards, EIQA Safety / Hygiene Awards, NISO Safety Award, White flag Gold Standard Award from Ireland Active, Best Employee Development Award and Best Fitness Facility of the Year Award.

Coming Soon on Sport for Business: We catch up with Ireland Active CEO Conn McCluskey on the state of the Fitness Industry in 2019.

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