Workplace Wellbeing in Spotlight

We are less than three weeks away from Ireland’s 4th National Workplace Wellbeing Day on Friday, 13th April 2018. Thousands of employers have already participated in this annual campaign, which aims to improve employee wellbeing by promoting physical activities and healthy eating in the workplace.

National Workplace Wellbeing Day is an initiative of Food Drink Ireland, part of Ibec, the group that represents Irish business.

Research commissioned by Food Drink Ireland found that setting up employee exercise groups is one of the most effective ways of promoting greater physical activity in the workplace.

“We are asking employers of all sizes and from across the private and public sectors to dedicate time on Friday 13th April for healthy and fun activities for employees,” said Danny McCoy, CEO of IBEC.

“There is much truth in the old proverb of the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

“For employers, there are clear benefits also, with two out of three employees saying they are more likely to stay long-term with an employer who is interested in their wellbeing.”

“As a nation, we know we need to get healthier and there is no better place to start than in the workplace,” added Edel Creely, President of IBEC.

“Whether it is a company walk or for the more adventurous, a jog or cycle, maybe a cookery demo, or a health check, for example, the important thing is that employers do something on the day that gets employees thinking about their health. Every bit of activity will add to the cause.”

Are you a Sport for Business member doing something special on your workplace to mark this event, or do you have a programme that is continual and driving real benefit for your employees?

Get in touch with us at Sport for Business and we will look to feature some of the best ideas during the week of National Workplace Wellbeing.


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