World Cup Viewing and Amazon Nudge

RTÉ’s viewing figures from Sunday revealed that over one million people were tuned into the coverage of either the World Cup Final between France and Croatia or the All Ireland Super 8 clash between Kerry and Galway.

A first day of substantial rain for weeks may have boosted numbers but the World Cup is one of the biggest broadcasts of the year, regardless.

The peak audience for Moscow came at 17:53 as the game came to a conclusion. At that pointc 838,000 viewers were tuned in, there having been an average of 654,100 throughout the 4-2 win for France.

The Sunday Game Live had an average viewership of 384,100 for the Kilkenny against Limerick Hurling Quarter Final before dipping to 267,000 for the football going directly up against the World Cup.

The previous evening Dublin’s game against Donegal drew an audience of 377,100, a 38 per cent share, on top of the 53,000 in attendance at Croke Park.

The World Cup 3rd Place play off between England and Belgium was on at the same time and attracted an audience of 259,000 and a share of 32 per cent.

Last night French TV broadcast a two hour documentary tracking two years in the lives of the squad and the players leading up to the tournament win.

The fact of its commisioning was either supreme confidence on the part of the Franch Federation which part funded it, or remarkable good luck.

Interestingly in a changing media landscape the show will now be broadcast on Amazon streaming in France from next week and around the rest of the world from October.

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