Zurich Double Down on Tackle Your Feelings

Zurich Ireland, backed by the Z Zurich Foundation has announced a significant expansion of its ‘Tackle Your Feelings’ Campaign with Rugby Players Ireland.

Over 7 years the Z Zurich Foundation has committed to invest up to €4million to bring the Tackle Your Feelings campaign to life in Ireland.

This is the first local grant that the Z Zurich Foundation has made in Ireland and a first of its kind for the Foundation.

Tackle Your Feelings is Zurich Ireland’s community investment initiative which is run in partnership with Rugby Players Ireland.

The aim of Tackle Your Feelings is to reduce the stigma around mental health and provide people with the tools and resources to be more proactive in looking after emotional wellbeing.

We have reported previously on the impact of the initial roadshows involving Jack McGrath talking about the death by suicide of his brother.

The raw emotion of this and other players very personal stories was also captured in a series of videos.

The campaign leverages the platform of professional rugby players to ignite positive change in the way people think and act around their mental wellbeing.

Tackle Your Feelings is one of a number of mental wellbeing programmes that the Z Zurich Foundation support.

In the last year the Foundation has funded TYF Australia in partnership with the AFL Coaches and Players Association. This is another first for the Z Zurich Foundation – taking a programme that has been successful in one country (Ireland) and funding it in another country (Australia).

Tackle Your Feelings aims to impart the message that people don’t need to be facing a challenge or crisis to work on their mental wellbeing.

Phase One (2015- 2018) of Tackle Your Feelings was targeted at males and females aged 18-35, with a greater emphasis on reaching males.

Rugby Players Ireland and Zurich are about to embark on ‘Phase Two’ of the campaign aimed at spreading the message to senior schools and the corporate world.

Read More Tomorrow: Tackling Your Mountain, an Interview with Gary Shaughnessy, Director of the Swiss Based Z Zurich Foundation.

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