Cliodhna Guy is Head of Licensing, Legal and Compliance at the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board.

For a period up to June of this year, she also served as interim CEO during a time when the sport and its control of potential doping was the subject of intense scrutiny.

A series of articles in the Sunday Independent, steered by an interview with a very prominent racing figure brought with them the full spotlight of the Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture, and her deft handling of the crisis was a saving grace for the sport.

She would have been familiar with difficult situations having spent four years at the FAI and three at what is now the International Boxing Association in Switzerland, a body which since her departure has veered to the wrong side of every sporting governance body in the game.

Her original baptism into sport was as Legal adviser to Paralympics Ireland, following an introduction to the legal world at Byrne Wallace.

It is some CV to have in the book already.




This is the tenth edition of our Sport for Business listing of 50 Women of Influence in Irish Sport.

Read more about the list and nominate who you think should be a part of it in 2022.

We are proud to do so again this year with AIG, an organisation that has pledged its commitment to equality in its partnerships with Gaelic Games, Tennis, Golf and more, for whom “Effort is Equal” and with whom we have ambitious plans to extend the reach of this annual celebration of the Women who are making a difference.

This year’s list will be drawn as before from the worlds of leadership, partnership, storytelling, and performance.

We began this journey in 2013 when challenged that we would never be able to produce a list of twenty Influential Women in Irish Sport. The 20 stretched to 30, then 40 and 50 and it still does not do justice to the talent that is out there.

This year once more, to keep things fresh we will introduce at least 30 percent of fresh names from last year. That will be the hardest part to have some names replaced but if it was too easy it would be of less value.

The list we will continue to build over the coming weeks is a snapshot of those women who are making a mark on how sport is played, consumed, grown and delivered.

They are part of making the role of women in sport unexceptional by being exceptional in what they do.