It is one of the most eagerly awaited sporting publications of the year and for 2023 the Sportsfile Season of Sundays will have a new sponsor.

Carrolls Meats had been the long term backer but a change of emphasis has meant they have stepped back and Ray McManus was left looking for a new partner for the first time since the book was first launched back in 1998.

Mazars will be the new name and Partner Tom O’Brien is pictured above with Sportsfile founder McManus looking over the first galleys for this year’s record of the season.

Over a quarter of a century it has captured the games, the moments and at times the very soul of gaelic games. The cover image is one that defines the year gone by, in 2021 it was of the successful Meath Ladies after their breakthrough win.

That was a first for the Women’s game and as ever it was a touchstone on how the sports have been developing.

Images of empty stands through Covid told a story that no words could ever as accurately convey.

And then there have been the triumphs and the tears, the trophies and the tantrums.

Sportsfile’s team of photographers are a blessing on Irish sport, enabling storytelling of the highest order and their role can never be underestimated in the powerful bond that the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association have with the fans, their members and Irish society.

Having a backer makes the annual publication a possible venture. We are all indebted to mazars for stepping in.

This year’s book is published on October 10th.