Our Annual Sport for Business Women in Sport Conference will take place at the Irish Film Institute this morning with the conversation kicking off at just after 10 AM.

We look forward to welcoming many members of the Sport for Business community and guests to what promises to be an inspiring morning of reflection, learning and looking to the horizon.

Our coverage of Women in Sport and this conference is supported by Lidl Ireland, to whom we are very grateful.

Here is the final timetable for what will be a very special morning:


09:30: Arrival, Light Breakfast and Networking
09:55: Move into Cinema One
10:05: Welcome and Opening Comments
10:10: Best in Class Video
10:15: Nora Stapleton on the new Sport Ireland Women’s Sport Policy
10:40: Best in Class Video
10:45: 10 years on with Kelli O’Keeffe and Annette Ní Dhathlaoí
11:10: Best in Class Video
11:15: Nurturing Leaders with Anne Marie Hughes
11:40: Best in Class Video
11:45: Short Networking Break
12:10: Best in Class Video
12:15: CEO Forum Anne McCormack, Hockey Ireland,  Michelle Carpenter, Rowing Ireland and Suzanne Eade, Horse Racing Ireland
12:45: Best in Class Video
12:50: Progress and Integration in Gaelic Games with Liz Howard
13:20: Close followed by Networking and Light Lunch


If you cannot make it you might drop in on social media channels where we will be encouraging those present to post their thoughts at #WomenInSport

Nora Stapleton was the first Sport Ireland Women in Sport Lead when appointed to that position in 2019. This year she added the responsibility for Strategic National Governing Body Programmes and in the week of the Sport for Business Women in Sport Conference will launch the latest version of Sport Ireland’s Women in Sport Policy.

Annette Ní Dhathlaoi and Kelli O’Keeffe have witnessed and been drivers of the changes that have come about in the respect afforded to Women in Sport over the past decade and will join Rob Hartnett on stage for a discussion looking back on some of the key moments along the way.

Anne Marie Hughes is the IRFU’s first Head of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity and was appointed to the role in March of this year.  She has managed the ‘Spirit of Rugby’ programme since its inception in 2017 and has been a key player in bringing forward diversity in leadership in the administration of the sport at every level.

Anne McCormack at Hockey Ireland, Michelle Carpenter at Rowing Ireland, and Suzanne Eade at Horse Racing Ireland are three of the female CEOs within Irish sport who are proving gender is no barrier to leadership and will talk about their personal journeys in getting to where they are and what they see as the future development of their sports.

Liz Howard is a true trailblazer in the progression of Women in Sport in Ireland.  One of the first analysts on the fledgling Sunday Game in 1979, the first Woman on the Board of the Tipperary County Board in 1980, President of the Camogie Association from 2006 to 2009, and a thoughtful advocate of Women in Sport from the very beginning of this journey.

Liz will talk on stage with Rob Hartnett about equality, integration, the way things were, the way they are and the way they could be. It promises to be a fascinating conversation.

In between these five great conversations, we will play some of the campaigns that have struck a chord and made a difference to the way in which Women’s Sport is seen here in Ireland and around the world.

Seeing these campaigns on the big screen and remembering their impact will be a great experience for those present.

We will also be highlighting ten key moments that have taken place in Women’s Sport over the past decade.

Finally as we conclude we will trail a new initiative in this area which will come to life next year and which we hope will be of real interest and strong positive impact.


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