AIB and the Camogie Association have launched a new content series ‘Meet #TheToughest’, that will showcase the final stages of this year’s AIB Camogie All-Ireland Club Championships, through footage captured by cameras worn by players on the field of play.

This is a first in Gaelic Games and will allow viewers to experience the game from the perspective of the players on the pitch.

In what is also a world first in competitive women’s sport, two players will wear a camera during the AIB Leinster Camogie Senior Club final between St. Vincent’s of Dublin and Dicksboro of Kilkenny at Netwatch Dr. Cullen Park in Carlow this Sunday, November 19th, which will enable fans to experience the action from a unique perspective when the episode is released.

The launch episode for the series, which was unveiled today, and can be seen above, gives fans a unique insight into what it takes to compete in #TheToughest AIB Camogie Club Championships.

“At AIB, we have always been extremely proud of our ability to bring new perspectives and incredible stories to life through the Club Championships, and this year is no different,” said Chief Marketing Officer Mark Doyle.

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“We are thrilled to be showcasing the sport of camogie through our new ‘Meet #TheToughest’ series. These players train so hard, and dedicate so much to their sport, and we are delighted that we are able to showcase this commitment from their perspective for the very first time. ”

“As a long-standing partner of Camogie, we wanted to embrace the chance to showcase the skill of Camogie players, bringing its significant fan base even closer to the action through a brand new perspective, and supporting increased visibility for the game.”

“This series will give fans a unique insight into camogie, which we have no doubt will create excitement and an increased appreciation for the skill levels of the players, and the intensity at which they compete. We know that these players represent their clubs and communities with dedication, pride and passion, and we cannot wait to watch the stories unfold.”

“We are really excited to see such new innovation being brought into Camogie and are delighted to see the players and the game being platformed in such a unique and compelling way by AIB,” added Camogie Association President, Hilda Breslin.

“Getting fans closer to the game and allowing them to see camogie through the players’ eyes is really exciting. We are looking forward to seeing the action, the skill and the support highlighted and elevated in this series over the coming weeks. We are on countdown now to the All-Ireland finals in December and this unique insight into the Camogie Club Championships will allow fans to get a unique perspective of the players and the game.”

This new series follows on from AIB’s innovative 2022 series, ‘Tailteann Cup: Mic’d Up!’, which saw AIB bring fans across the white line with mic’d up inter-county footballers, allowing them to hear all of the action on the pitch for the first time in Gaelic Games.