If you were lucky enough to get tickets in the ballot for Euro 2020 back nearly two years ago now, you will have received an email from UEFA yesterday outlining some changes to how those tickets might be taken up or handed back.

Many fans of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will have bought tickets for the Aviva Stadium where one of us looked as though they might be playing. Instead, that place was taken by Slovakia.

With demand for the tickets running at ten times the supply, they were a prized possession but that was pre-Covid and things look a lot more uncertain now.

If you bought your ticket purely to support the national team and no longer want it you have ten days in which to return it for a full refund.

If you wanted to buy to support whatever teams were playing and to be part of the biggest international event ever to be staged in Ireland, then you can stay with it, secure in that if attendance is reduced or heaven forbid, the tournament switched to a single country venue, that you will also get a full refund of the face value of your ticket.

The refunds on those who apply for them by January 26th at 14:00 Central European Time will be applied by the end of February.

In legal terms UEFA has also added the specific term ‘pandemic’ as a reason for force majeure, meaning that both parties are freed from their obligations and commitments to the other in the event of it taking place. Generally, that would be an event like a war or what is defined as an ‘Act of God.’

Vaccination rates across the participating countries range from less than one-third of one per cent in the Netherlands to 4.5 per cent in the UK. Ireland is one of the highest-ranked countries with 1.57 per cent as of January 13th.

Sweden and Poland who are both scheduled to play in Dublin are at 0.79 and 0.98 per cent respectively.

It is challenging to say with any certainty how those numbers will rise and what changes will apply to travel freedom by the kick-off date of June 11th but at least we know now that if you need t, or want to hand back the tickets you once so highly prized, there is an easy pathway up until January 26th.


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