UCC Sport has today announced that Clubforce has been named as a Technology Partner. In so doing it will become the first organisation to implement Clubforce’s innovative new Next Gen sports management platform for sports associations across all its fifty clubs.

At the core of the brand-new platform from Clubforce is a next-generation, all-in-one club management solution which connects directly to an overarching solution for UCC Sport.

By implementing the full Clubforce ecosystem, UCC Sport will benefit from intelligent insights automatically generated by the software.

These actionable insights will be used to optimise the provision of sport across the College. Every sport at UCC will benefit from the next-generation club solution. The solution significantly eases the burden of managing as well as promoting a club and simplifies club communications.

“We’re excited to implement Clubforce across our clubs to help us give our students the best possible sports experience”, said Morgan Buckley, Head of Sport & Physical Activity at UCC Sport.

“Clubforce will make it significantly easier for our students to manage their club membership and communications and also allow us to significantly improve our understanding of sports participation trends across the whole College.”

“We believe this will be a significant step forward in how we can grow participation and understand the needs and requirements of our Sport Clubs who reach across all areas of over 24,000 students in UCC”.

“We have invested significantly in building a next-generation product that takes our ecosystem for the sports community to a new level and I’m delighted that UCC Sport will become the first users at an institutional level”, added Noel Murray, Chief Executive Officer at Clubforce.

“Not only does our new platform provide a refreshed tool to support clubs at all levels but it also now provides governing bodies, leagues and universities like UCC with powerful analytics to unlock the value of the data they hold.”

Clubforce, Ireland’s only ISO27001-certified provider of sports clubs software, released their completely refreshed NextGen platform for grassroots clubs in May this year.

The platform combines Clubforce’s experience working with thousands of sports clubs with the very latest in design, security and technology delivering a solution for club volunteers to manage all aspects of their club on a single platform.


Sport for Business Perspective:

The University sector is a great first way to introduce technology as the users are continually refreshing, there is less of a love of legacy ‘because that’s always the way we have done it’ and a greater level of enthusiasm to change for better systems.

It might be tougher for NGBs to affect sport-wide adoption of a new service but it is the way that things are moving with universality an important element in getting access to data which is invaluable from a planning, understanding, and also a sponsorship perspective.