The Premier League has completed its final top-line partnership deal by signing a three and a half year deal with Coca-Cola.

It is hailed as the largest sponsorship that Coca-Cola has ever signed between Britain and Ireland and adds to the brand’s global portfolio which includes the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics.

In a short teaser video announcing the deal, the brand suggested that this would be about all the brands within their ‘family’ and would be about local activation as much as a major one-off ad campaign.

The partnership has long been rumoured to be in the offing and will commence in January, running through to the end of the 2021/22 season.

It is the seventh brand to sign up to the multi partner model which replaced the Barclays naming rights deal that ran until 2016.

The speed with which the different spots on the programme, each of them worth millions, is testament to the sustained pulling power of the Premier League at home, here in Ireland and around the world.

The other brands involved are EA Sports, Barclays, Carling, Cadbury, Nike and Tag Heuer.

Coca Cola’s deal includes specific rights to a Trophy Tour that is expected to take in Dublin, Belfast and perhaps other cities in Ireland from next summer. It matches up to the similar activations that the brand undertook around the FIFA World Cup and the Rugby World Cup in recent years.

“The Premier League is one of the most diverse leagues in the world and unites people with a shared passion for football and we’re looking forward to working together to help bring fans to closer to the action,” said Jon Woods, general manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

“The partnership gives us an opportunity to showcase the range of drinks we offer which we are proud to make here in Great Britain and will help us to raise awareness of our no sugar drinks.”

“We are excited that this is Coca-Cola Great Britain’s first portfolio-wide partnership and they will be bringing it to life across a range of brands,” added Premier League managing director Richard Masters.

“We know from their previous campaigns in sport they are excellent at communicating to fans across the globe and they have some exciting ideas – including a nationwide trophy tour – that will see the league benefit from their huge reach in the UK and across the world.”

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