It has been a while in the making but now that the deal is done the perspective is forward facing.

Sky Ireland have been a major driver of the recognition of the Women’s game and now the focus will be shared, to the benefit of both across both the Men’s and Women’s games.

A primary partnership should always be about the scale and ability of storytelling more than the financial value.

That’s not unimportant but creating the right ‘vibe’ around the story of sport delivers in so many other streams.

Look at Vodafone’s Team of Us in rugby or even more at the way Lidl’s partnership with Ladies Gaelic Football has transformed that sport.

Sky’s deal with the Women’s team has won a hatful of awards but has done more in amplifying the stories of the team.

The thinking behind that approach, driven by Core Sponsorship, crystallised around the concept of ‘Outbelieve’.

Now we see that brought to a next level through the theme of ‘belief doubled.’

The term of the deal is an initial four years across both teams. That’s eight tournaments and potential Finals, the eighth of which will in part be played in Dublin and hopefully Belfast.

We don’t know the value but again that is less important than the reality of a fine deal that works.

A different sponsor with only secondary rights on the Women’s team would be challenging in a world where the Women’s game is soaring.

Now that is off the table and the promotion across both will make everything work better.

It’s exciting, the start of a new chapter.

Judge the mood at the Aviva Stadium on Saturday evening for a sense check on the mood of the fans. Then do so again for Ireland against England not once but twice across both genders in April and September.