Our new look online platform has gone live and we hope you like it.

Here are a few things to note as you explore…

  1. It will be much easier to navigate through the day’s top stories and features
  2. Our curation is now much better, by sport and by sector.
  3. The site is better optimised for mobile helping keep you on top of your game through the day.
  4. While much of the content will require a login we are making that as easy as possible.
  5. Guests who sign up for our Daily Digest will get access to up to six articles a month in return.
  6. You will see more credits popping up for our Members without whom there would be no service.
  7. Our Daily Video and Keynote interviews are all easily accessible from the home page.
  8. We are excited about this next phase of our development.  We’d love to hear what you like and what you don’t!

We have uploaded the usernames of all our members and those who receive the Daily Digest so let’s run through the basics of getting you your full access…


All of our content will be accessible to the curious but only one or two pieces a month.

Beyond that, those who are registered for the Daily Digest will get access to an additional six stories.

When you become a fully paid-up member, as an individual or as part of an organisation you will have access to our world of content, features, analysis, events, some serious stuff and some fun.

Once you are registered or if you are receiving our Daily News Digest, simply click on the login button in the top left-hand corner of the site.

This will bring up the second picture above.  Simply enter your email address as your username and select a password of your choosing.  Memorable but secure is the best path to take.

Depending on your browser or your cloud set up you may never have to remember it again.  The wonders of technology, indeed.

Once you are logged in you will be able to see your account details by clicking that log in button at any stage.

In here you will be able to see the type of subscription you have and when it is up for renewal.

Anyone who was a member but might have let their payment slide over the summer, or who was up for renewal recently has been signed up in full through to the end of October.

When it comes to renewing, you can drop us a line at membership@sportforbusiness.com if you’d like to pay by invoice and we will make sure that everyone on your team is looked after for their renewal.

Alternatively, it will now be easy to pay by credit or debit card in the Become a Member section.  There’s a monthly option as well to help those many of us for whom cash flow in Covid can be tough.

Occasional Pleasure

And if we are just a very occasional pleasure and you want to keep in touch without becoming a full member, that’s OK too.  We are fortunate that those who have supported us continue to do so.  It’s kind of humbling but it also keeps food on that table and if you want to join us in a month or a year or another life then no pressure.

It’s down to me to impress you enough that this is the room you will want to be in when it comes to sport, business and the lives we live.

I really hope you enjoy the site.  

We already have three events coming up in the next four weeks and another three bubbling away.  We have started the 50 Women of Influence list with Liberty Insurance.  Sport for Social Good with Allianz is coming soon and so too is so much more that will make it feel a little as though we still have reason to be social, even if it’s from the kitchen table or the shed.