Performance Coach Gary Keegan spoke yesterday about his role as Performance Coach with the Ireland squad at the Rugby World Cup, and how he works with the group as a whole and individual players to prepare mentally for a high-performance environment.

Keegan has been involved in some of Irish sport’s biggest success stories over the past decade and more, from the Irish Boxing group to Dublin GAA and multiple other teams and groups.

His tenure with Rugby extends back to a role with Leinster Rugby and then a position on the IRFU Professional Games Board.

After the 2019 World Cup, performance anxiety was identified as a concern to be addressed and when Andy Farrell began to look into that Keegan was an obvious port of call.

“You have to stay in the day you are in and not focus on the tournament as a whole he says in the interview below from yesterday’s media briefing in France.

“Keep grounded and stay curious,” he says.

Worth a look.